Re: [CR]1972 Gitane Tour de France: Handlebars

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From: <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 18:11:36 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]1972 Gitane Tour de France: Handlebars

Mark Steinke asked about what bars might be on his Gitane TdF and said....

<< the original stem is a "3ttt RECORD mm105" made in Italy. I maybe

should have mentioned that the bike was built for a guy who never came and

picked it up >>

There were quite a few 22.0 3ttt stems "back in the day" - I have two in use at the present; one (w/3ttt bars) on a '69 PX-10 and also one on a '78 Motobecane (w/Nitto GR bars); Clamp diameter is 25.8mm for each. I suspect your bar is a non-engraved GB (just with the marking at the end - which is usual) which would mate with that stem quite nicely.

GB bars were spec'd with 3ttt stems on Raleigh Pros and RRAs also 'Back In The Day'


Chuck Brooks
A Very Wet & Humid
Malta, NY