Re: [CR]Raleigh Team or Raleigh Team Pro?

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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 14:33:13 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Raleigh Team or Raleigh Team Pro?

Raleigh Team Professional framesets did not actually carry the name Professional or Pro anywhere, but their publicity literature, some of which I have in front of me so I guarantee its accuracy, referred to them as Raleigh Team Professional - both with respect to bikes out of Worksop and frames out of Ilkeston.

I believe, on the basis of all the photos I have seen, that bikes out of Worksop had "Team Raleigh" on the top tube and frames out of Ilkeston just had "Team" on the top tube. I cannot say for sure whether this is consistently so, just that it is my observation from all that I have seen. I have seen refinished frames that do not follow this rule.

Hugh Thornton Cheshire, England

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At the Classic Rendezvous website, in the British Isles, Raleigh listing, there is a Reynolds 753 model that is titled Team Pro. Looking at it, I see TEAM prominently decaled. But, I don't see the word Pro or Professional on it. Is the work "Pro" assumed because it is a TEAM model? I'm a bit confused.
   I know in other makes, such as Miyata, they had a Miyata Team and a Miyata Pro. Some of the Italian models had Professional on models available to anyone, but I've heard others refer to the name "TEAM" only to denote those that were actually issued to riders that they sponsored, not the general public. Regarding Raleigh, what is the correct usage of the two terms? Lou Deeter, Orlando FL