Re: [CR]Custom Eisentraut bicycle - signed by Marmaduke on E-bay

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Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 12:12:13 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Custom Eisentraut bicycle - signed by Marmaduke on E-bay

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> noticed this E-bay listing for a custom Eisentraut built for one of the
>members of the band "New Riders of the Purple Sage". The paint job is bitchin!
>Now stop bogartin that doobie.

Well, here's is one of those strange coincidences that makes life interesting. In the period of which we speak I was not only a Marin County bike rider but a recording engineer who-wait for it-worked on a couple of NRPS records and knew them socially, particularly John. I remember when he got this bike and riding with him but I don't remember the fancy paint. The base color is what I remember but not the graphics. I remember it as being a single pale green color. John now lives in Mexico-San Migel del Allende?. And perhaps Albert could shed some light on the paint job but I never saw an Eisentraut of that period-and I had a very nice black one-being anything but a single color. But as I have said before, "Records from that period are spotty at best." Phil Brown Taking a stroll down memory lane in San rafael, Calif.