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Jan & all,

I think I saw the bike shown in the René Herse catalog in the René

Herse showroom where I ordered my on bike in 1983. To say i was surprised to see a fillet brazed 753 bike as their the Reynolds literature implied it was not possible as it was generally accepted fact at the time that you could fillet braze with silver; only use lugs.

Now I'm sure the builders on the list know this is not quite true as a

rank amateur brazer like moi have done it. Nowadays the stainless steel

Alex Moulton's I import are all fillet brazed with silver.

The bike was Neuvo record equipped and reportedly 18 lb.; no heavy lugs

on that keeper of the flame. The Herse showroom was more like a trade

show exhibit; 5 bikes, none for sale, just samples, all very different,

clean crisp showroom, no clutter at all. More like a boutique.

<< "'CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS'" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org> Subject: RE: [CR]re:753 , and fillet-brazing

While Bruce Gordon didn't fillet-braze or otherwise do his 753 test, there was a fillet-brazed 753 bike in the last René Herse catalogue from the 1980s. According to Jean Desbois, who was the builder then, Reynolds in France supplied the brazing rod with the tubes. So I assume they used that for the fillet-brazed bike as well. Apart from the catalogue bike, I never have seen a fillet-brazed 753 Herse, though... so maybe it was a 531 bike that they put in the catalogue, and then decided it would sound better if they said it was 753. (The did fillet-brazed 531 bikes for riders who wanted superlight, and they also did 753 bikes.)

Jan Heine>>

Yours in Cycling,

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