Re: [CR]'74-ish Colnago, what to do?

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Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 09:39:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Dale B. Phelps" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]'74-ish Colnago, what to do?
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Hi Brian,

Thanks for writing. It's "woefully small" for me...57 c-t, 56 c-c top tube. I was thinking it is a 74 because there is no Colnago engraving in the fork crown, just the clover, with a clover cutout in the bottom head lug only. Interestingly it has 3 (?!) top tube cable guides, and shifter braze-ons, but long rear dropouts. What I gleaned from the archives seems to indicate brazeons came after the addition of the "COLNAGO" engraving to the tops of the fork crown, and that engravig was 75 or 76??? How fun can this be? Perhaps it was re-sprayed at some point, but I'd really not have thought the finish to be non-original. At this point I am wondering now if it is a '75. I'm not thinking that because of the brazeons, but rather the graphics with the slightly larger, blockier downtube lettering fonts. If it were '74, wouldn't it have downtube and seat tube graphics the same as my 72-73 on wool jersey?

Guess I need to find the camera for fotos

Dale Phelps Longmont CO

"" <> wrote: Dale,

Just how woefully too small is it for you? If it's really woefully small (like 52cm c-t or under) I might be interested. I could use the brake levers since that is the only bit missing from my "collection of Colnago bits) for my '74 that I have now. (Carlos is looking for a '74 for himself, the year of his birth, and he's riding mine now.) I'm not sure those cranks go with the other engraved bits, depends on which pattern. Could be it's too new for my stuff.

So what size is the frame?

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

-- "Dale B. Phelps" wrote:

I have a rather well-used black '74 Colnago (yeah, I am sure I mentioned it sometime before) that has all sorts of bits on it that (I guess) people think are quite valuable: pantographed brake levers, stem, seat post, and these funny 6-arm cranks. I guess I mention it because I wanted to get some opinions on re-finishing in the interest or re-sale (it is woefully small for me), parting it out (no flames please-smile-) or just abandoning on it and turning it over in toto to someone who will ride it, with or without a respray. Since we all love our opinions, I'd respect the love of anyone who'd care to share a comment/advice/whatever, either on or off list.

Dale B. Phelps, 303 651 7307

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