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Subject: Re: [CR]handlebar tape end straps in Italian flag colors
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:41:43 -0700

Current Torelli Handlebar tape comes with a pair of broad-stripe Ital-flag finishing tapes.

Bike ribbon also has this motif, and a third company has thinner black finishing tape with the same three colors down the middle.

I've sourced all of these recently from the local shop. They usually toss these and use electrical tape instead.

I also scrounge the long Cinelli black/silver logo tape. This pattern os the perfect coverup for major scratching along the sides of the top tube. Really attractive on a surprising number of paint colors and protects against further scratching of course. Makes a cheap bike look finer imo, as used on my Goodwill-sourced "Nishiki Seral" and "Miyata Six-Ten" (silver and blue, respectively) go-everywhere tourers.

If you have trouble finding this, I can come up with the Italian stripe stuff within a week or two. I always contact-cement the last inches of the bar tape so it stays secure if and when the logo tape goes astray. My customers don't know how lucky they are that I do this.

David Snyder now jonesing for the Interbike Vacation in... Auburn, CA usa

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From: Bianca Pratorius
Subject: [CR]handlebar tape end straps in Italian flag colors

>I tried using red, white, green tape stripes side by side to make an
>attractive Italian design to finish up the handlebar tape at the top part
>near the stem. It seems when you use little stripes of electrical tape, it
>only looks nice for a day, before little bits of adhesive ooze out and make
>it look dirty. Plus the tape stripes are always shifting making things
>worse. Does anyone have a source for a single strap that make the Italian
>flag statement in one piece?
> Garth Libre in Miami Fl.