[CR]FS: winter cycling jacket

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Ben Kamenjas" <bici_pimp@mac.com>
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 23:31:04 +1000
Subject: [CR]FS: winter cycling jacket

Hey Coolio's,

Sorry to bring the thought of the gloomy cold season ahead of you ;-p ...

Outer winter shell, Italian made and in excellent+ condition. No marks or wear, perfect. Size 5 but Im thinking it would be a prefect fit for someone around the size of Giantindaro Pergolizzi ... (5'11 - 185??? .....sorry to use you as a model John, but let's fact it we all wish to compare ourselves to to you !!! ) Windproof quilted front, arms and shoulder and knit acrylic back, vents, and shoulder gussets for ventilation. 2 zippered back pockets. I don't know anything about the team markings but they kinda cool colour combo for you 80's cats.

23" wide across the chest 28" along the back from collar to hem 25 1/2" sleeve from tip of shoulder to end of cuff

http://homepage.mac.com/bici_pimp/.Pictures/speedwell/marca1.jpg http://homepage.mac.com/bici_pimp/.Pictures/speedwell/marca2.jpg http://homepage.mac.com/bici_pimp/.Pictures/speedwell/marca3.jpg http://homepage.mac.com/bici_pimp/.Pictures/speedwell/marca4.jpg

Comes from pet/smoke free household and is clean/laundered. Worn only a few times and let's just say really not needed for the sunny and warm part of the world I live in.

I'd like $80 usd and that includes fast air mail shipping to anywhere in the world. Paypal only, and if more than one wish for it I'll toss a coin to decide (so the digest readers don't miss out).

e-me if you is interesting

Ben Kamenjas
Sydney, Oz