Re: [CR]Sources for plus fours----------A CAVEAT REGARDING GOLF KNICKERS

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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 22:31:26 -0400
From: "Alexi Dolloffbrammer" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Sources for plus fours----------A CAVEAT REGARDING GOLF KNICKERS
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I've been riding in a pair of shooting plus 4's for over three winters. No isuses with seat wear. pictures are here

much love, Alexi Boston MA

On 9/24/06, Peter Jourdain <> wrote:
> Greetings---
> Before anyone runs off and buys golfing plusses for
> cycling use, I have been asked by a knowledgeable
> Welshman cyclist to convey the following warning -----
> "If they [CR Members] buy golfing or shooting plusses
> these will not be double seated. Our old plusses had
> the extra material in the seat the modern ones you
> mentioned will not last 5 minutes if you do any
> serious riding in them. You really want an old fashion
> handmade tailor, dressmaker or fashion student to make
> some up for you with the double seat in." [end quote]
> [Me again]: I imagine that golf or shooting plusses
> MIGHT work if, after purchase, you take them to your
> tailor for the proper modifications, that is, the
> adding in of extra layers of fabric in the seat and in
> other areas of stress. Don't know if the tailor would
> have to tear the seat apart to do the modifications.
> But I suspect you could also have a chamois sewn in
> the seat if so desired.
> Still, whether one buys golf plusses off the shelf and
> has them modified or contracts with a tailor for a
> pair made from scratch, there seems to be a workable
> solution.
> Just wanted to pass along the word of caution
> regardingoff-the-shelf golf plusses lest, after
> erroneous purchase by a CR Member, I be taken out and
> beaten with a nine iron!
> Cheerio,
> Peter Jourdain
> Whitewater, Wisconsin US of A
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