[CR]Shimano Bar-End Shifters (was: (Another) nice eBay Colnago)

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Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 03:55:04 -0700
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From: Mitchell Gass <mitchell@gassworks.com>
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Subject: [CR]Shimano Bar-End Shifters (was: (Another) nice eBay Colnago)

I'm curious if anyone has used the Shimano bar-end shifters on this bike. I believe they're a retrofriction design and would like to know how well they work compared to the Campy bar-end shifters from that era.

Mitchell Gass Berkeley, CA, USA

At 03:38 AM 9/27/2006, EdVintage63@aol.com wrote:
>Seems like there have been a bunch of nice Colnagos listed recently --
>including a few of the "early" variety (i.e. early- mid-70s)
>like this one. We
>just saw one of the same color and size a couple of months or
>so ago, I believe: