[CR]Pic of the Day - Paul Neri's Dilemma

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Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 21:30:36 -0500
Subject: [CR]Pic of the Day - Paul Neri's Dilemma

Pic of the Day 14 January, 2006

Paul Neri's Dilemma


Brett Horton sent this picture in for Pic of the Day - Thanks again, Brett! the picture lacked the rider's name, but researching my collection I was able to find several other shots of the same incident, thereby adding name and location to the story.

Stage 4, 16th July 1950, Lille to Rouen, 1950 Tour de France. Poor Paul Neri (team Sud-Est) - broken bottom bracket spindle, flat front tubular, and no help in sight! The Frenchman's separated crank and pedal sit forlornly at the curb, along with both wheels. This is back in the days when rider's couldn't receive a complete spare bike. The bike was considered three (or 5) separate items -the tubulars, the wheels, and all the rest. If you flatted, you had to put the replacement tubular on the same wheel. If you damaged a wheel, you had to use the same tubular (if still good) on the new wheel. And if you broke a crankset (or anything else) you had to use the same tubulars and wheels on the new bike. Ultimately Neri lost too much time waiting for a bike, and abandoned.

(Original Photograph 18cm x13cm - The Horton Collection)

Aldo Ross
Middletown, Ohio