[CR]FS: Centurian 51c Elite RS bike very nice

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From: "RB" <2wheelseal@earthlink.net>
To: "IBOB" <internet-bob@bikelist.org>, "CR" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 23:19:27 -0800
Subject: [CR]FS: Centurian 51c Elite RS bike very nice

I got this bike for my wife, but it's a little too big for her (and I found her a smaller replacement), so I'm opening it up to the list. This is a really nice Japanese lightweight steel racing bike, or would make a great sport touring bike. 2nd from the top of the line in 83. Great lugged steel frame/fork in Tange Champion #2, very nice parts, and rides really well. Everything is in mint condition. These are highly regarded. 51c-c, 52c-c tt, 99.5-102c wb 41-44c cs, takes 27 or 700c wheels and has good tire clearance. Looking for $350 + ship.

Frame/fork is metallic root beer, gold lug outlining, gold painted on 'decals', and clear coated. Forged Tange drops with eyelets, rears are long horizontal. Very high quality and nicely built frameset with medium point lugs, scalloped top eyes, cutout BB lugs, and externally lugged fork. There a few tiny chips in the frame, but they don't really show, and only the top coat is chipped, showing primer underneath, not metal. Otherwise it looks new. Straight, no dents, rides really nicely.

Group is Suntour Cyclone MKII deraileurs (long cage rear, and front will handle a triple), top of down tube mounted Suntour Symetric shifters (retrofriction/non-ratchet and automatically trims front d. with rear shifts), 6 speed, the highly sought after Sugino AS cranks (high polished, 170 42/52). I've got some Sugino AX triple cranks if you would prefer. SR Laprade fluted 27.0 seat post, SR alloy bars and stem (engraved) (either normal or Randonner, your choice). The brakes, hubs, rims, levers, big ring and alloy spoke protector are all a very rare and unique dark bronze ano. Rims are Araya 36h 27x1", hubs are Suzue 'pro' sealed LF. I have some nice Japanese 700c wheels instead if you want. Rings are SR, brakes are Weinmann GX500 sidepulls with QR's (Campy SR copy, recessed, normal reach, pointy nuts), levers are non-aero Weinmann 'pro' with large cutouts, and the original ergo gum hoods in good shape (no safety levers). SR sealed alloy quill pedals with chrome steel clips and straps (Campy copies).

Minor brake wear the rims, but just with the ano slightly worn, no wear into the sidewalls. One lever has some minor scratches, which I touched up with matching paint, and I swapped the levers side to side so the scratches are on the inside and don't show. These were from a tip over, bike has not been crashed. I will touch up the paint chips in the frame if desired.

Frame has braze on TT cable guides, top of BB cable guides (Campy style) a boss for top of DT 'aero' shifters, and two sets of water bottle bosses. Good tire clearance. I also test fit 700c wheels using the existing brakes, and they fit fine.

I should note that this bike is nicer than several of the Japanese Bianchi's I have seen sell for more. I got it from the original owner in sunny CA, who bought it new, and treated it very well. Hubs, BB and headset are very smooth, wheels are round and true, everything is tight, chrome and parts finish are perfect. Ano is not faded. It is tuned up and ready to ride. I hate to see it go, but I can't see stripping it down to a fixed gear, because it is such a nice original and complete bike, with such nice paint. You can make it fixed if you want to ;) I will consider selling the parts and frame/fork seperately if desired.

--Bill Roberts
Jacksonville, OR