[CR].833 stems

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From: fatcogtom@comcast.net
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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 18:06:51 +0000
cc: Mark@bulgier.net
Subject: [CR].833 stems

.833" is also the same size as 21.1mm ID. That may make your search a little easier.

Fred Durrette is
> looking for a stem with a .833 diameter to fit an old
> Windsor Carrera bicycle.

That is also the size Schwinn (among other American brands) used on many models including Varsity, Continental, Super Sports and Super Tourer. The latter models came with a nice GB (British made) alloy stem, with an S forged into the side where the GB would normally be - look for one of those. I find 'em in bikeshop junk bins now and then, in the length range you mentioned.

Mark Bulgier