Re: [CR]650b machine

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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 19:55:43 -0500
From: Phil Sieg <>
To: Sarah Gibson <>
Subject: Re: [CR]650b machine
References: <BAY108-F2001208FC455EB8659FDA38C1B0@phx.gbl>
cc: functioning french bits?

Isn't this an oxymoron? ;-)

(/Pace/, Francophiles)

Leaving aside the issue of functionality, aesthetically I really like the pre-Delrin Simplex bits, particularly the period with the black and gold badges, like these shift levers <>, which have now soared beyond my post-Christmas budget (thought they haven't escaped my lust), thanks to our Japanese brethren.
> other than the gorgeous maxicar hubs

Excelto hubs, also. Have a beautiful pair from the early '60s with lovely engraving.

Phil Sieg
Knoxville, Tennessee