Subject: [CR]BH airlites and Brown Brothers CD. Also Resilion cantis

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Subject: Subject: [CR]BH airlites and Brown Brothers CD. Also Resilion cantis
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 09:11:43 -0000

Eric, I have a 1936 Browns which shows just a single large flange hub design. This is a pair of Constrictor light steel tandem hubs, apparently imports, as it says they are French made. British Hub were supplying Solites and Airlites, but both small flange. Bayliss Wiley, Brampton, Blumfield, likewise. I also have a 1939 Browns and BH were then supplying the Airlite Continental Large Flange, very similar to those being sold at the moment by Peter Paine. I assume that large flanges were a French thing? I hope this helps. On a different subject, does anyone know of a source of Resilion brake pads? These are the long rubber pads - probably unique to Resilion cantilevers.

Nigel Land Barton on Humber UK PS never seen Browns on CD but some enterprising soul may feel like spending a few hours on a scanner.

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in an effort to have matching wheels for what i'm assuming is a mid-30's

Malvern Star TdF, i'm thinking of getting a set of airlite large flange hubs. would these have been availble in the mid-30's? similar to what's on ebay now? #6597908205

also while checking through the archives, i came across a reference for a CD availble of the Brown Brothers catalogues. is this still available? where could i get a copy?


Eric - now trying to learn more about those English made bits that could've graced an Aussie bike - Acuna