[CR]Bruce Gordon Custom Lugged Frame and Forks For Sale

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From: "Ben Ngan" <ben@nevuengan.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 18:40:45 -0800
Subject: [CR]Bruce Gordon Custom Lugged Frame and Forks For Sale

I'm new to CR and enjoy reading about the really old stuff many of you have. I became interested in cycling when in high school in 1969. There was a big cycling movement going on in the US. When I was in college, I began to race, although never got out of the old ABLA C class, later to become Cat. 3. But my interest in bikes has never been greater. I went to college in Eugene Oregon where I met Bruce Gordon in the mid 70's. I ride a custom lugged frame he built for me and also have another one bought second-hand for my wife who doesn't ride much. I used the second one as a commuter recently, but it's too small for me and have decided to sell it to someone who would appreciate it. Since CR has a profile on Bruce, you don't have to look to far if you don't know much about him. You can also go to http://www.bgcycles.com . This frame may be on the newer side of what you all like, but read on if you're interested. Please contact me to answer questions.

For sale: Bruce Gordon custom lugged frame, made in Eugene Oregon in 1980. Built as a racing bike for a woman who raced in Portland for a few years, 49cm seat tube (center bb to top of tt), 53cm top tube length (center to center). Made of Columbus SL tubing, shaped and hand finished lug work (Prugnat lugs I think), typical BG signature seat cluster with the pointed front and hidden binder bolt that he still will produce today, Cinelli investment cast bottom bracket and fork crown (I think) frame is silver brazed (lower heat that fatigues the tubes less than typical brass). Brazed on parts include brake cable housing eyelets on top tube, one set of water bottle cage bosses, bottom bracket cable guides, down tube shift lever bosses, and rear derailleur cable stop. Dropouts are Campagnolo with the rears being the short version of the horizontal type, no fender/rack eyelets. The bottom bracket is Italian threading. The stock fork is 1-inch diameter steerer, threaded, typical for the day. The paint is a Dupont Imron dark rose color with blue BG decals, there are several scratches on the frame from storage and thrown chains, but not too bad so that you to enjoy the original paint work.

I am the second owner of the bike, originally bought in 1985 for my wife before I realized she didn't have a desire to ride much by herself. This bike sat in the basement until the mid 90's when my commuter was stolen. I began to use this as a part time commuter even though it was too small for me. I recently found another frame that fit better and decided this frame should go to someone who would appreciate its vintage and craftsmanship. While I have owned it, the bike has not been crashed and rides true.

The deal includes the steel frame with original steel fork, plus a silca frame pump painted the frame color, it may not be worth using, but it's original. You also get a 2-year old Easton EC-30 carbon fork, 1-inch threadless with an Aheadset. This was my first experimental try with carbon, and it works well. That's what's currently mounted on the frame as the pictures show. I will also throw in the original Campagnolo steel threaded headset that is pretty rough now and not worth much. The rear dropouts were originally built to 126mm spacing for 6-speed freewheels, I had the rear spread to 130mm and the dropouts realigned, so it handles todays 8, 9 or 10-speed equipment. The original brake mounting is standard surface mount nut/washer, not the recessed type. The newer carbon fork is recessed mount, however I was able to use my surface mount brakeset on this fork by using a big diameter thin washer to cover the recess hole. The Ritchey stem will come with the deal to keep all the front parts together. The Campagnolo bottom bracket shown in the photos DOES NOT come with the bike. It's part of the original parts stash I'm saving for my other BG that currently has 8-speed components on it. I'd like to get $500 for all that's listed plus whatever fee it takes to ship it to you.

Ben Ngan
Portland, Oregon