[CR]Thank you for all the kind words

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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 21:54:06 -0500
From: chuckdds@aol.com
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Thank you for all the kind words

Thanks to everyone who chimed in on my sorrow... I actually emailed the guy to ask if that was the bike I sold him? He said "he could not afford to have the bike just hang around (he had it in his posession for 5 days!), and that this way many people would be able to enjoy the parts" He also said that "he doing this was better than the bike just sitting around like I had it" (BTW, I did ride it but cleaned it meticulously afterwards.)

Anyway, I am over it. I know he will make a lot of money by parting it up- way more than he paid for it! So all of you out there looking for NOS Super Record stuff- it's there on EBAY now. I am not envious that he will make money- that is good business. I also know that without people like him, we would all have trouble assembling our cherished rides. I am just a purist when it comes to tearing a bike apart. If it is a piece of junk and will be better served by utilizing the parts-great. If it is pristine in in is whole- let it survive as that!

We had a thread about this topic 6 months back, so I will not beat a dead horse. I will just think twice next time about letting go of one of babies.

So again, thanks to all who may understand where I am coming from, Chuck Schlesinger San Diego, CA