[CR]Info on Lyotard pedals marked 136R...

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Subject: [CR]Info on Lyotard pedals marked 136R...
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The 136R designation that you refer to would be the actual model number of the Lyotard pedal in question. Their 136 pedal was a mid-range race / track style platform / non-quill pedal having steel dust caps, spindle, and cage with reinforcement bridge and which could be used either with or without clips and straps. The "R" suffix indicates that your particular example was originally equipped with built in reflector strips along the backside facings of its cage (...these may or may not have been removed by this time) meaning that it was likely produced post 1977 in accordance C.P.S.C. cycling safety mandates.

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I have a pair of these on an old Gitane track bike.

What does 136R stand for? Both pedals have the same mark.

Don Wilson

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