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Subject: RE: [CR]1920s Regina mixte
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Google results:

There is a mountain bike club in Italy : Gc Tenti Ciclismo

A shop:

CICLI REGINA via Pitagora 15 47023 Cesena (Forli') Tel: +39 0547300170, - Fax: +39 0547301419 Azienda giovane e dinamica attiva storicamente nella produzione di bici. orientata al mercato Europeo, Nord America ed estremo Oriente. si avvale di un catalogo prodotti innovativo. ottima organizzazione anche per realizzare progetti speciali o personalizzare prodotti per destinazione promozionale.

Or loosely translated:

CYCLES QUEEN via Pitagora 15 47023 Cesena (Forli ') Tel: +39 0547300170, - Fax: +39 0547301419 Young company and dynamics assets historically in the oriented production of bici. $R-al.mercato European, America North and Far East. it is taken advantage of an innovative catalogue produced optimal organization also in order to realize special plans or to personalize produced for promozionale destination.
>From my observations:

On the seat bag: "cicli Scaccio" (nothing found in google) and centered below that it looks like: "vitavecchia" or "old life".

The "HERO" saddle (never heard of) seems a likely Chinese copy; what does it say below the name: "made in China" ?

Also: modern plastic rear reflector bodies, modern rubber pedals w/ NO wear, PERFECT paint, new repro headlight, "Golddeer" lock. Gimme a break!


John T.Pergolizzi Brooklyn, New york

Don Wilson outed:<blah> W 0QQitemZ6598522579

This auction is a total sham. The bike is no older than 20 years old and

is pile of c**p. Anybody who gets fooled by this auction needs their eyes checked. I suppose $200 for a European style city bike is not outrageous, but the description is.

As if an Italian maker in the 1920's would name their bike Old Italy?

This auction would be laughable, were it not for the gullible people out

there who take it seriously.

Steven Maasland
Moorestown, NJ