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Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 19:07:56 -0500
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ah, the question might have been confusing. the axle being cut down didn't throw me as much as the 115 OLD. so there really was such a thing? i couldn't find any mention on mr. brown's website.
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       Stephen Fredette
     Hull, Massachusetts At 3:00 PM -0800 1/19/06, dddd wrote:
>Your hub might simply have a cut-to-size replacement axle, to
>replace a damaged one.
>I bought a 1980 Cheltenham-Pedersen with 10-speed gear and 114mm
>Pillisier HF hubset, on dimpled 27" alloy rims. A lot of dish but
>it worket fine (I re-spaced my frame to 130 when I upgraded to 700c
>wheels, and have been recing Cyclocross with it).
>David Snyder
>Auburn, CA
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>Subject: [CR]pellisier hubs anomaly
>>i have recently purchased a wheelset that is built around a pair
>>of pellesier hubs. i don't know exactly how old they are, but i
>>would guess from appearances no earlier than the 1970's.
>>while wrestling with the freewheel i noticed thew rear hub looked
>>a little odd. when i put it in a truing stand, the OLD came
>>out to 115. this seemed odd, so i checked it against all the
>>other rear wheels i have, and it was indeed narrower than
>>the other 5 speed wheels i have.
>>then i realized what was botering me in the first place about
>>the hub. the rear axle has been cut down to a shorter length
>>with a saw. i am at a loss for an explanation, and would
>>appreciate anyone's better informed ideas.
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>> Stephen Fredette
>> Hull, Massachusetts