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Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 12:16:31 +1300
Subject: Re: [CR]Suntour Components Album
From: Wayne Davidson <>
To: "Bingham, Wayne" <>, CR <>
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Hi all, very nice to see some of the items that one only hears about, but does not see, I will admit I had some in the past, was very well made and always performed well. I have a Superbe FD box, if you want the pic wayne for the site I can send you a copy, but to everybody else its a wonderfull collection of pix.......wayne davidson Invers NZ......

on 23/1/06 12:04 PM, Bingham, Wayne at wrote:
> Prompted by the recent discussion about Suntour, l created an album in
> my Wool Jersey Gallery pages to serve as a repository for pictures of
> Suntour components. I have loaded it with some things already, but some
> pix are not great. My better camera (which actually belongs to my
> employer, not me) is currently in use by another member of my team. I
> will try and replace the weaker pictures with betters ones, but this was
> a big undertaking for the weekend anyway and I wanted to get them
> loaded. I have also not added captions for the pictures yet. I will
> try and do that over the course of the next week or so. The temporary
> title codes give a idea of the components, but most are pretty obvious
> anyway. I hope to add to this over time, so that there is a place for
> visual comparison of various pieces, primarily from the Superbe and
> Superbe Pro groups.
> Comments and suggestions welcome. Check it out here:
> Once again, a hearty thanks to Morgan for making this great resource
> available to all of us.
> Ciao -
> Wayne Bingham
> Lovettsville VA