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Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 19:20:28 -0800
From: Rich Pinder <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Bay Area bike shops
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Well, today was ONE fantastic Sunday in the East Bay ! Thanks to everyone who replied to me about the shops. I stopped at Velo Sport, and although Peter Rich was not in today, I did get a nice chat with the folks working today. The shop has indeed 'downsized' as some of you pointed out - but they've got two mechanic 'bays' up and running, and are beginning to restock an apparel area. And there were a couple pretties hanging from the ceiling.

The San Jose suggestions (thanks Reid) will have to wait till my return for the Hand Made Bicycle Show in March.

THEN - I was treated to quite a nice little ride, out through the beautiful hills around Berkeley. While I was expecting a 15 mile coffee shop ride, the fellow that I bought the Peugeot from (not a CR member) and I headed north from El Cerrito then east into the hills. This fellow underestimated the mileage a bunch... my guess it was quite a bit closer to 35 miles, rather than his estimate ! We passed down Alhambra Valley road, and Bear Creek road, past and around a couple resevoirs, them up and over Wildcat Canyon road and a beautiful park with some fantastic views. [weather, photos, and ride conditions ommitted this time to protect the snowbound!]

The Peugeot - although I've not looked too much at it yet, its sitting in the back of the old Wagoneer, and it is in pretty decent shape ! One thing though... the fellow was a bit off on sizing - its actually a 62cm c-c model. So tonite I'm hooking up the leg stretchers before I go to sleep !

OH... I also called and the fellow selling that 'Raleigh Super Tourer' in Oakland, and the bike was still there. I figured that was bad news (since it was listed 2 weeks ago), and sure enuf...I stopped by, but it was not all it was cracked up to be. Wayne, it really didnt have the components that are on the example up on WoolJersey. Steel wheels, no QR axles, etc...

Next ... I'm looking forward to a nice ride down in San Luis Obisbo on Wednesday on my way south, which will be a little tune up hopefully for next Saturday's 200km San Diego ride !

Thanks again to all who've continued to steer me on this journey !! (Oh... I picked up the Tommasini also, btw... but THATS another story !)