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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 06:59:07 -0500 (EST)
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Yes, only to happy to do a day in NYC with you. There is a lot to see in a day so plan what you would like to see and one of us can make it an efficient, memorable trip. As I recall meeting you at last years Cirque, you are also a tall gent so we have something in common. Have you ever been to NYC before? There is the Village, Times Square, Uptown, Central Park and of course all the museums and places that the masses go. I also can loan you a bike that perhaps we can ride in John's neck of the woods in Prospect Park Brooklyn. Give it some thought and we are at your service.

Ray Homiski

> Ray,
> Pergolizzi, Homiski, and I would be happy to oblige.
> We have several tour packages to choose from:
> The tour du Deeter (Restaurant's & Bars)
> Adventure Aaron Lipschitz (NYC Movie Set Tour)
> The Ken Denny trip to Bedford Sty. and the South Bronx (Don't Ask) or
> The Jack Gabus package includes "Scores" (Don't Tell)
> The Matteo Brandi Tour (We're not sure what that one is because we could
> never find him) but that includes Little Italy
> Mike Schmidt
> Stirling, NJ
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>> Hi All,
>> Can anyone help with strange request....I'm coming over to the Cirq
>> again
>> this June (would not miss it for the world).
>> I'm stopping with Steve Kinnie in CT for a few days-before leaving for
>> Greensboro', but would love to ride around NY City to 'see the sights'.
>> Is there anyone who would be prepared to act as escort/guide for a day
>> or
> so.
>> All help greatly appreciated.
>> Ray Etherton Midway..Longourla.France/Maldon.UK