Re: [CR]Question for Keith Lippy owners

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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 19:58:35 -0800
From: jj & kk <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Question for Keith Lippy owners
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While I do not own one I raced against one who did, his had no separate seatpost the seat tube extended to the saddle clamp, only a change of saddle would / could effect an adjustment. Decals were sparce, down tube only K LIPPY in a type face that reminded me of Peter Max with a heavy white outline that tightended up the kerning of the letterforms visually.

That one was orange, someone brought one to Velo Rendezvous once prior to my attendance as seen in someone's visual report, that one was a solid light green, with similar transfers.

John Jorgensen
Palso Verdes Ca