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Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 14:50:10 +0000
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Interesting stuff!

I have a Carlton International that bassed on components I assumed was about a 1964-1966. But according to this code its a 1967, which is also completely consistent with the date coding.

Might Mick or someone else be able to comment on any superiority or inferiority of the Carlton bikes according to year? Also any idea on production numbers of the Carlton International over the years?

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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From: Michael Butler

> Hello Flash,

\r?\n> Said I would get back regarding Carlton frame numbers

\r?\n> to see if it is in fact a Carlton you have: This

\r?\n> should tell you one way or the other:

\r?\n> Early frame numbers were prefixed with a letter. They

\r?\n> were stamped on the left side rear dropout.

\r?\n> A 1939 F 1957-58 L 1963

\r?\n> B 1940-48 G 1959 M 1964

\r?\n> C 1948-52 H 1960 S 1965

\r?\n> D 1953-54 J 1961 T 1966

\r?\n> E 1955-56 K 1962 Y 1967

\r?\n> Later 1968 - 1972 two numbering systems were employed.

\r?\n> Most models had simple numbers, up to seven digits,

\r?\n> frequently with leading zeros, stamped on the left

\r?\n> dropout or under the BB shell.

\r?\n> Some models such as the the Professional and Giro

\r?\n> d'Italia have letters and numbers.

\r?\n> >From 1973 the numbers took the the form WP-------

\r?\n> where:


\r?\n> W = Worksop (Carlton)


\r?\n> P = month of manufacture


\r?\n> A = January G = May M = September

\r?\n> B = February H = June N = October

\r?\n> D = March K = July P = November

\r?\n> E = April L = August S = December


\r?\n> The first number after the two letters is the year

\r?\n> number code ; 3 for 1973, 4 for 1974, 5 for 1975, and

\r?\n> so on.


\r?\n> Hope this will be of some use and definitely confirm

\r?\n> its a Carlton International, please let me know as I

\r?\n> reply to most queries and seldom get any feedback, its

\r?\n> great to know if you are a complete tosser and get it

\r?\n> hopelessly wrong or you sometimes get it right.

\r?\n> Cheers Mick.



\r?\n> Thats all for now. Keep those wheels spinning, in your memories if not still on

\r?\n> the road. Be lucky Mick Butler Huntingdon UK.