Re: [CR]Colnago Pista

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Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 00:25:05 -0800
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
To: CR <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Colnago Pista
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I see nothing wrong with the Colnago currently on eBay (Item #7214102400). The auction photo of the BB shell with club/flower cutout looks like the same one on the three Colnagos I own:

The upper circle of the club/flower looks a little pinched in the photo but when I look at the cutout in my bottom bracket shells they look pinched also from the same slightly sideways (off vertical) viewpoint of the photo.

The seller also mentions it might be a repaint but that the decals are all original and no guess on the year of manufacture.

I'm kind of concerned about this kind of idle conjecture on the CR list about bikes on eBay with nothing noted other than "isn't there something wrong with this bike" and nothing factual to back it up. I'd be pretty mad if it were my bike for auction being discussed in such a cavalier fashion as to its authenticity.

Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, Southern California