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I think that I might just be able to work this BERIANO frame out that Ray spotted...and I think that Mick will able to confirm my theory.

Way back in the 50s when Fausto Coppi was still riding...but I do.t know whether I am talking about the early. mid or late 50s..the great Campionissimo came over to the UK to ride in one or two track Show Stoppers..as well as riding in the Isle of Man road Race.

I read somehere that the entrepreneur who convinced Fausto that he should do these compeitions was an Italian, who had worked in teh Italian cycle industry, but I am not sure in what sort of capacity. In being able to persuade Fausto to come to the UL he must have been incredibly persuasive ..or had good contacts..possibly with the great man himself.

The name of this Italian was Idio BERIGLIANO..who later made England, and LOndon his home and opened up a cycle importing company that traded under the name IRB. In the mid-70s he was the importer of Agrati lugs, Columbus tubing, and a stck of other Italian goodies> In thise days he had a line of elegant frames selling under the SABA brand..It was a well known fact that these were made by Viner for IRB.

IIn my reckoning it doesn't take too great a leap to jump from BERIGLIANO...to BERIANO..but why should he want to do it..unless he thought that the ill-educated English would not be able to pronounce the very Italian "GL" sound in the middle of his surname.

Norris Lockley..Settle UK...just looking at the latest "trophies" from today's BIke Jumble

PS Don't know whether Dale allows post-scripts..but this one is on theme...I met Nick Tithecott today, armed with his folder full of transfers...to which he has added quite a few and interesting new brands. Sometime there are posts on the LIst enquiring whether he is still trading...why doesn't he answer emails etc...but he confirmed that he is a as busy and committed as ever