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Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 12:23:40 -0500

I don't know about the specific dates as to when which ones were offered (someone at might know that), but the earlier version was Superbe, and the later versions (starting around 1983 or '84?) were Superbe Pro. The Superbe calipers were very similar to the Campy Nuovo Record brakes, but the Superbe Pro were actually a little nicer -- one visibly noticeable difference was that there was a little more "meat" on the caliper arms when viewed from the side. Whether this made them a little more flex-resistant under hard braking, I don't know -- but it probably didn't hurt. The identical calipers were offered with the DiaCompe name, I think as Royal Gran Compe model (but don't take that as gospel). One other thing that made the Superbe Pro better than the Campy offerings of the time was a nylon bushing between the caliper arms and the center bolt which let them work very smoothly. I know the Superbe Pro brakes had this feature -- I'm not sure about the earlier Superbe version.

Later Superbe Pro brake calipers (I'm guessing around 1987 or so) were better still, with internal coil springs instead of the external "hairpin" springs. When mated with the spring-loaded aero-cable brake levers, they gave really nice brake feel and light action.

Kyle Brooks

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> Subject: [CR]Superbe Pro caliper question
> Since Superbe Pro was brought up.....
> How does one tell Superbe from Superbe Pro brake calipers? All the
> Superbe Pro calipers I have seen only have Superbe on them. Or were
> there only Superbe Pro calipers? Anyone have part numbers? I have
> seen some part numbers on yellow jersey, but only Superbe Pro.

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