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Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 08:53:17 -0500
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I remember that when I started racing in Canada in the mid 70's it seemed like everyone was riding 36 spoke wheels. There were always some guys who had 32's and even 28's but, they frequently got razzed for taking too many chances. I was small and light and still felt that 32's were dangerous. Eventually, by the later 70's I was willing to put 32's on the front but kept 36's on the rear thinking that's were the power went. Of course by the early 80's I had switched completely to 32 spoked wheels and wondered what was I ever thinking. On the other hand, I think rim quality improved markedly. Edward Albert Chappaqua, NY
>>> <> 01/04/06 8:06 AM >>> I'd say that until about 1970 36 f & r was normal and then there was a gradual change to 32 f & r. Heavy riders and Paris-Roubaix riders stayed with 36. I'm looking at a photo of Ercole Baldini riding a time trial in 1958, single ring so must have been flat but he is on 36 spoke wheels. Difficult to understand now even if Ercole was a big guy. My clubmate Bill Bradley got a pair of 28 spoke wheels for the Rome, 1960 Olympics. Rims were Fiamme track ! He didn't break spokes but I'm not sure if his brakes worked! They must have seemed fast after his usual 32f, 40r wheels. Ray Green Brighton England

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