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Nope they aren't even that. I can give you an image for every crank made beyond the CR cut-off date, and these wouldn't be in there. I'd put money on these being Ofmega or possibly Gipiemme. They bear striking resemblance in form to the Gipiemme Sprint cranks:

The big kicker is these cranks appear to be melt-forged as opposed to cold-forged. A sure sign of a lower end crank. A detail that is consistent with melt-forged arms is the larger section at the square taper, to account for the lower strength of the melt-forging vs. a cold-forging. Also consistent is the soft edges on the spider arms, as the casting is crudely polished.

And for Paul, no they also aren't Victory or Triomphe. I own some of those and have images, and these are neither. Actually the finish on Victory and Triomphe arms is superb.

David -- David Bilenkey Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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