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Subject: RE: [CR]Campy Mexico Cranksets
From: Bryant Bainbridge <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 19:40:01 -0800

Dirk Wrote:

Please excuse my doubts, but since this contradicts everything I've heard about this topic (but unlike you without direct evidence) I have to ask: Are you really sure that Campagnolo modified the parts up to the finished pantographed products? Or is it possible that they just offered to selected customers modified or special raw parts which were a better starting point for further pantographing than the finished polished and anodized original Campagnolo product?


I got this from Mr. Canducci, who was (and may still be) a honcho in sales there. At the time, the company I was with was one of the top Campy distributors in the world and Campy was very cordial and open on most topics. I have no reason to doubt what he said.

I was traveling with Phil Edwards (you may remember him as a top British pro that rode with Moser) who confirmed that this was the case. Phil was our representative living in Bergamo (just outside Milan), a guy that gave me great insight into how things were really working in Italy as opposed to what was presented- Such as Colnagos coming not just from Ernesto's shop, but from many subcontractors at the time, some of which caused Phil to wrinkle up his face.

The rest of the story is a little off topic, but worth the risk in telling as it points out how Campy nearly went under. At the time, I was working with Specialized and we were becoming fed up with Shimano's growing dominance of the market and dictatorial methods of telling you what to spec. A scheme was hatched and I flew to Vicenza to convince Campy to consider making off road components. We would offer them full assistance, access to a network of influential framebuilders and off road pioneers at no cost to ensure that they had everything they needed to produce the best damn stuff in the world. Discussions were had, grappa sipped and things seemed to be shaping up nicely. Canducci got up, dusted off his spanky Italian suit and said " Please let me discuss. We will have an answer after lunch".

Phil and I drove off to linger over a meal and arrived back at the corporate offices mid afternoon. Mr. Canducci swept into the room and with great flourish announced " We have a decision!". Great, I thought. Wonder how quickly we can get this thing going? But before I could finish my thoughts, Canducci continued "After serious discussion with Mr. Campagnolo, we have determined that the mountain bike is not suitable for the mediterranean personality". You could hear the air leak out of me right then and there.

Another 18 months later mountain bikes would sweep Italy, Campy would introduce their ill fated and boat anchorish first off road group and then spend the next few years wobbling badly before finding their way again. Suntour would go under and Shimano would go on to dominate the world. Not much has changed since.

Hope that helps.

Bryant Bainbridge
Portland Orygun