[CR]Oops, I just bought a Jean Brun

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Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 23:24:50 -0800
From: Chris Collins <chris@eorbit.net>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
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Subject: [CR]Oops, I just bought a Jean Brun


I put a token initial bid and ended up being the only bidder. $19.99.

The seller doesn't seem too terribly reliable but he says it is a 1968 Jean Brun.


It is a five speed, and has cool fenders and a bottle generator.

28" x 1 1/2 tires.....I assume 635mm.

I've never had a *real* classic bike: (1985 Miyata 1000, 1983 Bianchi Limited, 1983 Corsaro Avatar)

Now I have a 1968, obscure Swiss bike.

Here is my question, I am poor, and I don't really have much ability to restore a bike. If anything, it is to be a beater, around town bike.

Is it some kind of crime to ride a 'Classic' around town? Whaddo I do now?