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Subject: Re: [CR]Superbe Pro caliper question
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>I don't know about the specific dates as to when which ones were offered
> (someone at might know that), but the earlier version was
> Superbe, and the later versions (starting around 1983 or '84?) were
> Superbe
> Pro. The Superbe calipers were very similar to the Campy Nuovo Record
> brakes, but the Superbe Pro were actually a little nicer -- one visibly
> noticeable difference was that there was a little more "meat" on the
> caliper arms when viewed from the side. Whether this made them a little
> more flex-resistant under hard braking, I don't know -- but it probably
> didn't hurt. The identical calipers were offered with the DiaCompe name,
> I
> think as Royal Gran Compe model (but don't take that as gospel). One other
> thing that made the Superbe Pro better than the Campy offerings of the
> time
> was a nylon bushing between the caliper arms and the center bolt which let
> them work very smoothly. I know the Superbe Pro brakes had this
> feature --
> I'm not sure about the earlier Superbe version.
> Later Superbe Pro brake calipers (I'm guessing around 1987 or so) were
> better still, with internal coil springs instead of the external "hairpin"
> springs. When mated with the spring-loaded aero-cable brake levers, they
> gave really nice brake feel and light action.
> Kyle Brooks
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>> Subject: [CR]Superbe Pro caliper question
>> Since Superbe Pro was brought up.....
>> How does one tell Superbe from Superbe Pro brake calipers? All the
>> Superbe Pro calipers I have seen only have Superbe on them. Or were
>> there only Superbe Pro calipers? Anyone have part numbers? I have
>> seen some part numbers on yellow jersey, but only Superbe Pro.
>> Thanks
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