[CR]Why Why Ottusi or Watusi?

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From: "Michael Francis Butler" <michaelbutler@fastmail.fm>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2006 12:11:09 -0800
Subject: [CR]Why Why Ottusi or Watusi?

Does anyone on the list remember a dance craze called the "Watusi". The reason I am asking is that I went to a Stevenage Coureur CC dance in December 1963 and fell madly in love for the first time with a girl from the Six Hills CC. I was so smitten I even got a tandem, oh for young love. The record was by an American band called the "Orlons" and I think it was called the Wah Watusi, anyone got copy? Cycling club dances in the UK were something else in the past but since the early 80's they have changed for the worse. Cross toasting, I would like to take wine with and some witty toast would be made, happy days. I am afraid they have gone the way of speed judging, free-wheeling contests and Boxing Day 10's. Boxing Day is December 26th and our club like many others held a ten mile time trial, fancy dress, holly and tinsel decorating the bike. We use to use the Old Great North Road in Stevenage the idea was to have ten half pints in the nominated pubs on the course, the really serious ones use to call it the "three P's" the idea was not to pee, puke or pass-out. The draught beer back then was only about 3.2% ABV real maidens water by today standards! Sorry but I sadly miss the old style cycling club life. Thankfully we still have the National Clarion who keep some of these customs alive at their annual Easter and October meets. Must fly off to the pub for some 5% Adnams Broadside if you could do the Boxing Day ten on that rocket fuel you would be a real champion. Best wishes and lots of luck and laughter to you all in 06. Mick Butler Hunts UK. -- Michael Francis Butler michaelbutler@fastmail.fm