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Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 17:40:18 -0800 (PST)
From: sandranian <>
Subject: Re: [CR]gantlet/gauntlet
To: Hon Lee <>,
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While I am very amused by how many people can write about the difference between these words, how is this related at all to the content of this list? Why hasn't our fearless listmaster chewed out the people who have allowed this to go on???

Does all one have to do to qualify a post to this site is mention "Masi" or "Cinelli"?

I guess the guy who wanted to "warn us all" about the hazards of cell phone calls should have added something about Mr. Masi having once seen a cell phone....


Stephan H. Andranian Costa Mesa, CA

Hon Lee <> wrote: Doesn't anyone have a copy of the OED, Oxford English Dictionary? I gave mine away when it became taller than I, so I'm out of the running. Now there's a CR member at UCSD, Peter B., who's a working librarian and a vintage cycling enthusiast, versus myself, a retired librarian lost in the fogs of spent classics 35 years ago now resident only in eBay moments named Cinelli, Masi, and through the hands of the listmeister himself, Jackson. So, Peter B. -- I do know his name phonetically, but retired librarians who broke their chops on AACR rules have only their pride in spelling to fall back on professionally -- please give us the last word on gantlet/gauntlet; may the OED be with you.

Harrison Lee
Stockton, CA