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I forget who told me this but I think they just stopped production last year. It's funny, but typical, how they made no attempt to update the tool kit over the years.

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> How about the production of these super-kits? Anyone have any idea
> when they were produced, start & finish? I assume they are now out of
> production.,. Haven't heard any effort on Campys behalf to sell them
> for many years. I would assume (with very little evidence) that they
> puttered out of production in the early 90s but who knows?
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> Subject: Re: [CR]Ideale shape-equivalent to Brooks (Team) Pro?
> I think the big issue is that yes at some point (mid 1980s maybe)
> Brooks just started using this really hard, thick leather. I mean the
> small rivet Pro on my '73 Cinelli which dates from... well '73.. is
> the ultimate in Brooks comfort. The one I got for my Peugeot, dated
> '85 I think.. is just like riding astride a steel beam. Ideale saddles
> tend to have thinner leather and yes.. they don't retain their shape
> as well as a Brooks. Or at least that's my experience.
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