re: [CR]Cinelli Bi-valent hubset for sale

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Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2006 09:54:39 -0500
From: Harvey M Sachs <>
To:, Classic Rendezvous <>
Subject: re: [CR]Cinelli Bi-valent hubset for sale

Troy Warnick is offering a pair of Cinelli BiValent hubs for sale, complete with FW. But, it sounds like the set is missing one part that is almost never seen in captivity. I have a set of BiValents that came with a small "T" or "Y" shaped piece that bolts to the chainstay bridge and helps to locate the wheel while mounting. It's pretty crude, and would be rather easy to duplicate. I've never found that it makes much difference, but thought that someone might care. :-)

Harvey "not often pedantic" sachs mcLean va

++++++++++++++++++++++++ I have the pleasure of offering for sale to the CR list a pair of Cinelli B i-valent hubs. They are lightly used (I removed them from their original w heelset). The original rims showed very light wear indicating a very seden tary existence for these rare hubs. As such, the hubs are smooth as butter with fresh grease and new bearings. The freewheel drive splines on both h ubs are in great shape as well. The oiler hole clips (just like the campy ones) are showing the most degradation of anything as they are rusty and co uld use replacing. The spoke holes are showing only slight evidence that t hey were ever laced into wheels. The hubs themselves are the full aluminum body model. As expected of any aluminum parts this age, the hub bodies ar e showing some oxidation. I would expect a buffing wheel followed by some good old fashioned elbow grease could have these looking better than new if that is your preference. I have chosen to leave them in their current con dition for the next owner to decide between patina or polish. Perhaps ther e is a lovely original condition Cinelli out there which might prefer an ap propriately aged finish on it's "new" set of hubs. The hubset comes with t he original Regina freewheel also proving that these hubs have had very lim ited use. The cost is $950 plus actual shipping charges. I will be happy to send photos for your review and as always, first come first serve.

Best regards,
Troy Warnick
Olympia, WA