Re: [CR]Who's chrome was the most durable?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Who's chrome was the most durable?
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Interestingly enough it really boils down to the initial preparation and then the application. Many companies had good chrome from time to time. I would agree that on the overall Schwinn probably had the best and longest run of good chrome. Peugeot and Raleigh had very good chrome and were known for there durability of finish, until the later years. Back in the '50's I worked several times at the old Original Schwinn factory on Kildare Ave. as full time seasonal help. The bike shop was slower in the fall to winter time, and Schwinn needed people for the Christmas orders. Having bicycle experience and also being on the racing scene, it was easy to get hired on. I was made an inspector and got to work all over the factory. Part of the time was working in the chrome facility. Checking the parts, tanks, chemicals, and the parts chroming process. It was very extensive and the procedures were adhered to very strictly so that the reputation Schwinn had for quality was indeed deserved. Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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Subject: [CR]Who's chrome was the most durable?

> Peter Kohler rote:
> "Raleigh chrome depends on when... pre 1965 Raleigh Industries machines
> had
> glorious, blue-tinged Rhodesian chrome. The finest in the world. After
> in 1965 and sanctions, they switched to all manner of sources for chrome
> and
> there were severe chrome shortages as well. A lot of it was substandard
> and
> Raleighs were never quite the same."
> Brian Perkins, who worked in the chroming shop at Raleighs in the 1960s
> and 70s, once told me that they applied just enough chrome to prevent
> the brightwork rusting before the bike was sold. His company, Prestige
> Electro Platers, is now kept very busy replating them properly.
> Peter Brown. Lincolnshire, England