Re: [CR]Re: Why are drive trains always on the rider's right side?

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Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 13:25:35 -0800
From: Kurt Sperry <>
To: Alfredo Marcantonio <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Why are drive trains always on the rider's right side?
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On 1/10/06, Alfredo Marcantonio <> wrote:
> Once you have people all riding on the left side of the road,
> putting the gears on the right meant that the greasy paraphernalia
> was kept away from the puddles, overhanging shrubs etc. Also if work
> was needed, you simply lean the the bike against a tree or wall,
> rather than have to turn it around to face the way you weren't
> travelling. Plausible? N'est pas?

Oui. Which is almost a persuasive enough guess to make me wish that we had left side drives for those of us not using Anglo-Japanese road etiquette. I was taught to mount a horse from the left too, no idea why- maybe the sword was presumably plausibly in the way.

Someone mentioned earlier in this topic dual sided drivetrains for vintage racing bikes and their being subsequantly outlawed I think. If so what wer e the alledged advantages and does anyone have a link to a photo of such a racing bike?

Kurt Sperry Bellingham WA