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"I agree with you about French components on French bikes, but the fact is

that Campy components were so popular that most French manufacturers sold an all-Campy model in the 70's. And by the mid-80's, even Peugeot had relented and were selling a Campy NR/SR PZ-10."

Yep, the old debate resurfaces. But after enjoying my '81 PXN-10 with al l its period correct upgraded top o' the line Spidel-Simplex-Stronglight-Maillard components, totally French, I am hardpressed to appreciate the allure of Campagnolo. Sure Italian bikes a re great (I love my Cinelli) but you guys out there who don't have an all-French racing bike in your stable... well, you honestly don't kn ow what you're missing! My "died and gone to heaven" bike has to be a 753 tubed '8 1 Peugeot PY-10.

Plus French racing bikes are far better babe magnets than Italian ones. Honest. I was on my PXN-10 last Sunday and was stopped at a light when t his car pulls up and the driver, a handsome French lady of about 70 (and doubtless quite a looker back in the day), launched into an enthusiastic discourse about French racing bikes and cyclists like you wouldn't believe . I swear she dated Jacques Anquetil or Roger Pingeon. Or maybe both. If I were on my Cinelli, she wouldn't have bothered to roll down her window..

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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