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Subject: Re: [CR]Toe clip and front wheel overlap
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Subject: [CR]Toe clip and front wheel overlap

>I don't think Eddy Merckx would have been troubled by toeclip overlap
>unless he had extraordinarily big feet. His Kessels built 1969 Tour bike
>had a front centre of 602mm, plenty long enough for 175mm cranks. You
>would think the great man would be happy with a bike that enabled him to
>beat Gimondi by half an hour and the previous year's winner by more than
>one hour. Apparently not, in 1970 the front centre was reduced to 595mm.
>Still long enough.
> With regard to the general point toe clip overlap isn't a problem until it
> puts you on the deck in front of a passing truck. My on-line Raleigh hack
> bike has this fault and after I'd banged my head on the road I removed the
> front mudguard. Better wet than dead.
> Re: wooden shoes (called clogs in the UK, probably in error as I think a
> true clog has wooden sole and leather upper) did anyone have a pair of the
> racing shoes with wooden soles, Duegi I think. Probably stiffer even than
> carbon soles!
> Ray Green, Brighton England.
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