Re: [CR]Witcomb serial numbers?

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Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 18:53:55 -0800 (PST)
From: Fred Rafael Rednor <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Witcomb serial numbers?
In-Reply-To: <>

     I think my Witcomb is a '73 or '74 and its serial number is 1065378. Actually, the last digit isn't so clear. Go to this URL and scroll down: Actually, you'll notice that all the digits are a bit vague, although only the final digit is nearly illegible.
     Now, without the emoticons (or other hints) I'm certain what you were trying to say there just before signing off. :-D I will say that somewhat less cleanup time went into the Witcomb than went into the Sachs, but if you look closely (including inside the BB shell) you can see a distant "family relationship." And only the utmost respect is meant to both parties...
     I will tell you that both the R. Sachs and the Witcomb frames were purchased second hand, and I've never regretted a single penny spent on either bicycle. In fact, quite the opposite!
     Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia (USA)

--- Dan Kehew wrote:

> Earlier this afternoon, a recent purchase arrived: A 57 cm

\r?\n> British-built

\r?\n> Witcomb frameset, with a 531 sticker (lovingly preserved,

\r?\n> along with part o

\r?\n> f

\r?\n> a "custom built" sticker, through foolish use of what appears

\r?\n> to be clear

\r?\n> packing tape). SunTour dropouts. I'll post some pictures

\r?\n> somewhere when I

\r?\n> manage to take one or two or twenty. Seller expressed no

\r?\n> knowledge of its

\r?\n> age. Seller also managed to apply some masking tape directly

\r?\n> to portions of

\r?\n> the top tube when wrapping it up -- aaarrrhhggghh.


\r?\n> To pin age down further without waiting to call the Witcomb

\r?\n> shop in the

\r?\n> morning, does anyone on-list know enough of Witcomb serial

\r?\n> numbers to

\r?\n> decipher "926772" Your assistance is much appreciated!


\r?\n> NO -- I am NOT kidding myself regarding any currently

\r?\n> CT-based builders.

\r?\n> Sheesh. Witcomb is still churning out steel, and I think this

\r?\n> frame's been

\r?\n> around the sun enough times. Besides, I believe that eRichie,

\r?\n> at least, has

\r?\n> written of developing his philosophy and wicked-sharp skills

\r?\n> at Witcomb USA

\r?\n> -- so those are just beater, leave it out in the rain bikes

\r?\n> anyway, right?


\r?\n> Dan "no respect, no emoticons" Kehew

\r?\n> Davis "no sun" CA