Re: [CR]Why do rider's left pedal bearings tend to knacker ?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Why do rider's left pedal bearings tend to knacker ?
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 19:08:46 -0800

I think it has something to do with the rotation of the earth's axis.

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>That is funny I can come up with lots of reasons for the right but not the
>left set. Steven
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>>While looking to scavenge pedals from my junk fleet, I
>>noticed that most of my junkers had one with good
>>pedal bearings and one with worn pedal bearings. The
>>pedal with the worn bearings tended to be on the
>>rider's left side. As my junk fleet comes from thrift
>>stores, and includes English, French and Italian
>>marques, and both high and low quality bikes, I
>>consider this a randomized sample with an N of 14. :-)
>>No, I have not actually counted up how many have bum
>>left pedal bearings, but it seems anecdotally
>>significant. :-) Has anyone else noticed the
>>phenomenon of worn pedal bearings tending to be on the
>>rider's left pedal? If the phenomenon were not
>>attributable to random chance, why would this
>>phenomenon tend to occur?
>>Don "Am I Suffering from Multicollinearity" Wilson
>>Los Olivos, CA
>>D.C. Wilson
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