Re: [CR] Witcomb serial numbers?

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Subject: Re: [CR] Witcomb serial numbers?
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 03:25:52 +0000

Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 17:20:11 -0800 From: Dan Kehew <> To: CR <> Subject: [CR] Witcomb serial numbers?

Earlier this afternoon, a recent purchase arrived: A 57 cm British-built Witcomb frameset, with a 531 sticker (lovingly preserved, along with part of a "custom built" sticker, through foolish use of what appears to be clear packing tape). SunTour dropouts. I'll post some pictures somewhere when I manage to take one or two or twenty. Seller expressed no knowledge of its age. Seller also managed to apply some masking tape directly to portions of the top tube when wrapping it up -- aaarrrhhggghh.

To pin age down further without waiting to call the Witcomb shop in the morning, does anyone on-list know enough of Witcomb serial numbers to decipher "926772" Your assistance is much appreciated!

NO -- I am NOT kidding myself regarding any currently CT-based builders. Sheesh. Witcomb is still churning out steel, and I think this frame's been around the sun enough times. Besides, I believe that eRichie, at least, has written of developing his philosophy and wicked-sharp skills at Witcomb USA -- so those are just beater, leave it out in the rain bikes anyway, right?

Dan "no respect, no emoticons" Kehew Davis "no sun" CA

Dan: My initial guess is that you have a 1972 frame. I have # 830471, which I am guessing is a 1971 frame. The Suntour dropouts on yours are a bit surprising, though. Were those even available in 1972? Do the (hopefully original) graphics and the patina on your frame support a 1972 vintage in your opinion? Mine looks very 1971-ish IMO, so I like my guess for mine, so far.... It sure isn't a 1983 frame. e-RICHIE thought that my scheme seemed very possible when we discussed it many moons ago. If mine is the eighth frame of 30/4/71, and yours is the ninth frame of 26/7/72, does that all make sense? Anyone in the UK know Witcomb's numbering system, or whether I am just full of bangers and mash? (not to mention bubbles and squeak, or a nice steak and kidney pie...). Was Witcomb's production even that high during those years? Seems possible to me, but I'm not sure. If they batched them in small groups....
Greg Parker
Ann Arbor, Michigan