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Now you guys are getting tough! Believe it or not, I still had one wood rim wheel left that I was using. Its a small flange I think BSA tied and soldered Fairbanks / Boston V shape rim. Sorry, don't have it anymore and can't remember where it rollled off to. The bandage came from a previous race when I went over the stem after several riders went down in front of me. The gash in my inner thigh was big enough to put a fried egg yolk in and to this day the triangular scar and small tissue around it has no nerve feeling. All in day's riding, not that big a deal actually. Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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> Nice pic!
> What I want to know (besides the banking angle) is what Ted's front rim
> is.
> All the other rims in the pics are shiny, but Ted's front is dull. Why?
> Also
> his hubs seem different from the standard large flange hubs that can be
> seen
> on the other bikes. Are they something special?
> And lastly, how'd Ted come to need the bandage on the inside of his left
> thigh?
> David
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> David Bilenkey
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>> Pic of the Day
>> 11 January, 2005
>> Ted Ernst at the 1957 Chicago 6
>> Action from the 1957 Chicago 6-Day. From left to right: World Sprint
>> Champion John Tressider of Australia (#4), Dutchman Peter Post (#12),
>> our own Ted Ernst (#14), and Emile Gosselin of Belgium (#22).
>> Note how
>> Ted is gloving the wheel to slow into position after having
>> lapped the
>> field. Ted would go on to place 2nd overall with teammate Irv Peser,
>> behind Post and teammate Harm Smits. Picture kindly provided by Ted
>> Ernst.
>> (click on pic for larger image)
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