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Great stuff! It would be fun to see other list-members in race or club action on classic mounts. How about some of the Brits, for example? Any pics lurking in albums or boxes in the back of cupboards?

Paul Williams, "a mild day in a wintery Ottawa, ON, Canada"

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Subject: [CR]Pic of the Day - Ted Ernst at the 1957 Chicago 6-Day

> Pic of the Day
> 11 January, 2005
> Ted Ernst at the 1957 Chicago 6
> Action from the 1957 Chicago 6-Day. From left to right: World Sprint
> Champion John Tressider of Australia (#4), Dutchman Peter Post (#12),
> our own Ted Ernst (#14), and Emile Gosselin of Belgium (#22). Note how
> Ted is gloving the wheel to slow into position after having lapped the
> field. Ted would go on to place 2nd overall with teammate Irv Peser,
> behind Post and teammate Harm Smits. Picture kindly provided by Ted
> Ernst.
> (click on pic for larger image)
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