Re: [CR] Campy NR early crankset

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Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:04:50 -0800
From: "Kurt Sperry" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Campy NR early crankset
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If unanodized Al was a significant corrosion hazard then we'd be seeing Campagnolo Record hubs and MA-2 rims failing left and right I'd think. And further, airliners which frequently have large unpainted/anodized Al areas would be dropping from the sky as well. It's my understanding that an aluminum oxide layer(same thing as anodizing in Al) quickly forms in any case on bare Al. I think the main reason for anodizing Al bike parts is primarily cosmetic- though I'm sure the people that ano their parts would agrue the point claiming significant advantages beyond mere aesthetics. I' m more than a bit skeptical nevertheless. Restoring anodized Al parts vs. their unanodized brethren is certainly a much harder excercise.

Kurt Sperry Bellingham WA

On 1/11/06, Edward Brooks <> wrote:
> While I understand about the advisability of relieving these stress riser s
> on the Nouvo/Super Record cranks, since they are anodized and the process
> of
> filing and sanding removes the protective and attractive anodization I
> would
> think that rather than leaving these areas exposed the cranks would then
> have to be re-anodized or carefully and thoroughly polished a la Mexico
> cranks. While polishing is attractive, is this as durable as anodizing? I
> wouldn't have thought so...
> --