Re: [CR]FW: Cinelli enquiry

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Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 17:29:47 -0800
From: John Jorgensen <>
Subject: Re: [CR]FW: Cinelli enquiry
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As forwarded by Dan Dimaria from Cinelli:

The 1R stem was manufactured at that time. The logo changed from “Cinelli” to the “flying C” in 1977/1978.

Note to Dan, what was THAT time you cited in your inquiry?

Regarding the different logos on the various handlebars, this is a very difficult question, but basically we moved from the old heraldic logo to the winged one step by step from 1978 to 1981.

Left the possible typo in deference to Sheldon.

Good information.

Love that word, Heraldic. I forgot that one, better add it back to the bicycle lexicon.

A good question would also have been, what about the "retro" quill stems currently in the Cinelli catalog, what distributor has been ordering them... in other words how can they be obtained.

As an aside, we got a big shipment of steel track stems in the mid 70's at the bike shop for which I worked, almost all the permutations of length and drop, amongst them were a handful of stems with the Cinelli heraldic badge, obviously old stock that was finally moved out, kind of makes period correct a little softer.

John Jorgensen
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