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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 12:04:10 -0500

CR Glovaphiles! After all the glove talk, I find I have a 1982-3 1page, all color Gants Cyclisme Glove display sheet. It shows over 20 models, most are racing style, displayed nicely on a black background. The sheet is inside a clear plastic slip case. Nice enough to hang on the wall. Sheet also has a few ontopic wheels in the background, kinda artsy. Sorry no gauntlets shown,,, but the randonne' gloves might be close? Sheet measures 8.5x 12 and is an original. $12.00/paypal,,,,,Includes priority mailing in protective envelope. and don't worry I won't tell the gang about your "glove thing" ha!

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> While I am very amused >
> Sarcastically,
> Stephan H. Andranian
> Costa Mesa, CA
> Hon Lee <> wrote:
> Doesn't anyone have a copy of the OED, Oxford English Dictionary? I gave
> mine away when it became taller than I, so I'm out of the running. Now
> there's a CR member at UCSD, Peter B., who's a working librarian and a
> vintage cycling enthusiast, versus myself, a retired librarian lost in the
> fogs of spent classics 35 years ago now resident only in eBay moments
> named Cinelli, Masi, and through the hands of the listmeister himself,
> Jackson. So, Peter B. -- I do know his name phonetically, but retired
> librarians who broke their chops on AACR rules have only their pride in
> spelling to fall back on professionally -- please give us the last word on
> gantlet/gauntlet; may the OED be with you.
> Harrison Lee
> Stockton, CA