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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 17:18:03 -0800 (PST)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
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This "faux lugged" style of alloy stem was sold by several French companies and maybe some non-French ones in the late 60's and early 70's. I have several with various brand marking or totally unmarked. Not sure why AVA seems to take most of the badmouthing for these. They all look so much alike to me that I often suspected a single manufacturer produced them for all the companies selling them.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX

"Bingham, Wayne" <> wrote: I had also responded to the original inquiry, and have now posted the pix here:

Wayne Bingham Lovettsville VA

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>The cynic in me would rather see a photograph of a so-called "death stem"
>actually fractured! The only time that happened to me was with a
>Cinelli stem by the way.
>Peter Kohler
>Washington DC USA

I've sent pics of the known repeat offender to the individuals who were curious. They used to be posted on a member's website, but I don't see them there now. If anybody is curious or concerned, shoot me a message and I'll send pics to you. If anybody wants to post them on a site somewhere, feel free.

As for the request for pics of a broken one, sorry, there are limits even to MY pack rat habits. I do throw away "garbage", and items that are likely to initiate unpleasant flashbacks. Most people outside this group think it's bad enough that I still have the rest of the 35 year old bike. Even worse that I ride it.

I know of one other for certain besides mine that broke. That's enough evidence for me. AND enough thrills for me. Both were on 69/70 white Raleigh Pros. I was a hulking 110 pounder at the time of stem failure, and my bike bud may have been 130. Neither of us were what you could remotely call power riders.

Peter, cynicism and doubt are wonderful tools. When it comes to comparative (competitive?) cynicism, my personal internal Dial-A-Doubt is usually cranked up to 11. (But I am a trained professional. Don't try it at home kids.). I would politely suggest that this is potentially dangerous case of poor aim. In the interest of self preservation, I'd target the questionable component rather than the "stories". The stories won't get you hurt if you're wrong. These AVAs were cheap, crude, nasty ugly, throw-away components even then. Nothing has happened over the last 35 years that I'm aware of that has improved on those characteristics.

Doubting Larry "aka, The Prince of Pessimism" Osborn Morgantown WV