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Responding to post by Amit Avitzur--questions about Exceltoo hubs..."Did Exceltoo make any aluminum hubs....?"

I have a pair of track wheels with Exceltoo hubs. They are aluminum alloy High Flange, laced with Super Champion Competition (blue label) polished silver rims. I have no idea when they were built, but I sure would like to know how to pronounce the name....

Pat Moffat Tempe, AZ

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>Does anybody know anything about the Exceltoo company?

>Was it a Fench or British company?


>I just got a pair of one-piece steel, 36 spoke, low flange, solid axle hubs

>for my 30's French bike.

>These hubs are heavy.

>The front and back axles are both 9.5 mm (know because 9.5 mm AXA wing nuts

>fit nicely on the front and back).


>Did Exceltoo make any aluminum hubs back then?

>Any QR hubs?



>Amir Avitzur

>Ramat-Gan, Israel